About Us

We are a team of Italian professionals in the dental field with a long experience in Clinical Education.

Part of our team lives permanently in the Canary Islands (Spain), the islands of the eternal spring, where the average temperature is 25°C all year round.

Our Educational Offer

Thanks to the consolidated relationships and partnerships with international speakers and producers, we offer an international high-profile continuing education program in Fuerteventura, one of the magic Canary islands.

If you are looking for Dental Hands-on Courses that combines high quality learning while having a holiday of a life time, then join us at one of our dental courses. All this is also possible in the company of your team or your family!


Our mission is to offer excellent Education to grow together by sharing experiences, strategies and clinical skills.

We share together experience, professionalism and passion for what we do!

10 Reasons to Fly to Fuerteventura

White beaches and turquoise waters, lots of sport and beautiful nature. These are just some of the reasons to plan a holiday on the slow Island…
(from Vanity Fair, Italy 2016)

Fuerteventura, more than a destination, is a state of mind. Thanks to the wild nature, the hippie spirit of most of the inhabitants and the very long days your last traveling companion will be the hurry.

It is the ideal destination for those who want to get away from stress and hectic life rhythms, the right place to recharge.

The sky around here is crazy. We are in the south-west of Morocco, in the middle of the Atlantic. The latitude is the same as in Mexico. The light is so powerful that anything looks brighter.

Body here is easy to keep in training: between surfing, windsurfing, kite and bicycle for sportsmen there is plenty of choice.

And the beaches? They are many, all beautiful and different from each other. In the south, the sand is golden and, on the side overlooking Central America, washed by an impetuous sea that is always overwhelming. In correspondence of the volcanoes it is black and in the north and in the natural park of the dunes of Corralejo it is very white. Here, at the height of kilometre 23, there opens an expanse of soft sand – the dunes are quite high, the sand arrives here dragged by the Sahara wind – which throws itself into a blue sea.